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Allison Frances

Allison is a mostly self taught, queer artist, with work ranging from realistic oil painting and charcoal drawings to expressive, colorful experiments in different mediums including digital. Like this 2021 Self Portrait.

Allison recently set out on her official pursuit as a full time artist after nearly 8 years in the financial industry. While she has always been drawn towards art it wasn't something she engaged with intentionally until her teens while taking art classes in high school. She was very observational in her childhood and spent time studying light and color in her daily life.

In her body of work she explores the different components of the self and identity in relation to the world. Some other inspirations include nature, music, family, politics and her own mental health journey. 

Allison is currently working on a range of commissions, including a mural, planning an intimate series on her childhood experience, and making her artwork accessible. Follow her journey on social media or reach out with any questions and requests.


La Oficina

Oil Pastel, 2023

Pretty in Pink

Pastel, 2023


Pastel, 2023

Floral Mural

Thanks to a wonderful woman, Kathi, I was able to do my first mural project in her beautiful greenhouse. This project was super fun and also helpful for me getting started.

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